The path to Aiki District

We're often asked where the concept for Aiki District originated. The concept idea first sparked during travels in the Arabian desert as seen in this image. All founders of Aiki District are travellers, in every aspect of the word. Aside from travelling for fun, we have all been in long term, long distance, relationships and all have had careers that require us to travel often. There have been travels where we had to live out of a suitcase for 3-4 months at a time. This means, we need versatile clothing that looks great for various occasions and is comfortable to wear all day and night.

Having had a hard time finding the right design/function balance led to creating our collection. We provide a solution to that unnecessary feeling of wearing uncomfortable clothes or wearing functional clothes that hide who you truly are. It's simply a design/function balance. It's the worst when you open your suitcase and the clothes are wrinkled or your garment is lacking that little detail that perfects it for the day. We focus on natural blends of fibres that won't wrinkle easily. We don't want to compromise style for comfort or vice versa.


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