Aiki District is a contemporary women’s wear line inspired by the beauty and strength of individuals who go beyond limitations and challenge their own norms. Made for explorers, nomads and the uninhibited. We hold a basic vision: to present well crafted, comfortable, quality wear that inspire and cover every part of a diary. 
We believe in and practice slow and sustainable fashion, while maintaining high quality standards to create contemporary pieces with powerful silhouettes that last beyond a season.
We are uninhibited souls uniting to move in harmony and unison, join AIKI DISTRICT.


All clothing are sustainably and ethically Made in Vancouver, Canada



We are excited to announce that we're in the process of launching Aiki Kids - a contemporary line for your child(ren), using only the finest organic fabrics. Aiki Kids will follow our  sustainability and slow fashion procedures so you can feel good and know that your choices in dressing your child contributes to a healthier planet. If you'd like to follow the process, join us on Instagram - @aiki.kids